Why not burn fat with food?


Meet Gareth Tattum, a personal trainer on a mission to get people fit at home and in the gym.

Amongst some of the questions he is regularly asked are: How do I burn fat with exercise? What is the best way to burn fat in the gym? Which are the best exercises for me? All these questions and many more keep popping up so Gareth decided to put a 12-week home-based fitness plan together.

So many of us think that lots of exercise and fewer calories will help us lose more weight. That is correct but does that mean total fat loss or muscle loss as well?

Basically from a scientific point of view if you eat less, and burn more, you will lose weight. But as soon as you increase your calorie intake you will put the weight back on.


Your body is unique and with the right training programme and nutrition habits you can burn lots of body fat. Remember weight loss doesn’t always mean FAT LOSS. If you cut calories too much and increase your exercise you can actually lose FAT and MUSCLE!

For every pound of muscle, you gain your body will burn an extra 50 calories just to sustain that pound of muscle. However, if you lose muscle you will burn less resulting in a slower metabolism.

So rather than opting for the increased exercise duration and fewer calories opt for eating little and often but using clean and lean muscle-building foods that will help you burn more fat.

Schedule your meals each day:

Breakfast – 8am

Mid – morning snack 11am

Lunch – 1pm

Afternoon snack – 4pm

Dinner – 7pm

By eating smaller but more frequent meals you will speed up your metabolism resulting in more FAT LOSS and less MUSCLE LOSS.

Are you eating the right foods? Protein is harder to break down, resulting in more calories being burnt just to process it. Proteins are full of amino acids so when broken down contribute to muscle-building – muscle maintenance and decrease the risk of muscle wastage.

Quality Protein Foods


Lean chicken and Turkey



Dry nuts, pulses and seeds

Quorn meat

This is an example of how you can burn fat with food:



Porridge oats with blueberries and any 1 palm sized full of your choice of dry nuts (almonds, cashews, brazil’s, seeds, walnuts etc)

Why? Porridge oats for slow release energy resulting in more fat loss, blueberries for vitamin C and anti-oxidants, nuts for protein and fibre improving digestive function and muscle enhancing.

Mid – Morning Snack

One piece of fruit with palm sized full of nuts (almonds, cashews, brazil’s, seeds, walnuts etc)

Fruit is packed with essential nutrients / vitamins and minerals and again the nuts for protein – healthy fats and fibre.


Lean chicken or turkey breast with 1 wholemeal pitta and salad.

Pack your pitta with lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, spinach and kale.

Why? The chicken or turkey is high protein helping repair muscle tissue and will contribute to muscle-building. Salads rich with plenty of greens will keep your iron levels topped up resulting in more energy.

Mid afternoon snack

1 cup of 100% Greek Yogurt with palm sized full of nuts (almonds, cashews, brazil’s, seeds, walnuts etc)

Why? Greek yogurt is high in protein and calcium which contributes to muscle-building and healthy bones.


By this time of the day most of us have finished our working day.  So at this point eat less carbohydrates and concentrate on lean meats and fresh vegetables for your main meal of the day. Rather than opting for pasta, chips or starchy carbs go for sweet potato, quinoa or brown rice.

Example dinner

Chicken/Turkey or fish with sweet potato and lots of broccoli, carrots, cabbage etc.

If you get really hungry before bedtime try drinking a pint of water or have a protein shake as this will suppress your appetite.

So why do extra exercise when you can burn fat with food?


Gareth has put together a 12-week plan to help you lose weight fast.

The plan can be downloaded to your phone or computer and is suitable for beginners to the more advanced level.

Get Plan

There are 3 Phases in the plan each lasting a 4-week period.

Phase 1: Workouts are all body weight workouts with no equipment needed making the workouts easy to do at home.

Phase 2 and 3 Require the use of some dumbbells, medicine balls, and resistance bands which can be purchased online or at your local fitness stores.

Also included:

5 Downloadable PDF booklets containing over 18 workouts.

Over 30 meal plans, a meal guide for training days and rest days.

Access to a member’s area which includes regular short exercise videos for you to follow.

Get Plan


Keep up with Gareth on:























































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Bridget Jones

150 local ladies, and a few brave men including X Factors Marcus Collins, took to the red carpet  at the Odeon Cinema Liverpool One for the eagerly awaited  Bridget Jones’s Baby on Friday  at a charity screening lunch in aid of Radio  City’s Cash for Kids.


The event, hosted by Radio City’s Claire Simmo saw Bridgette’s loyal fans tread the red carpet premiere screening at the Odeon Cinema in Liverpool One, where guests were treated to a drink on arrival and a  bag of popcorn before taking their seats to be the first in the region to see the movie.



After the movie guests made their way to the Hilton Hotel, Liverpool One,  where guests were welcomed with an arrival drink before enjoying a three course lunch with entertainment from Victoria Sharpe, who performed a rousing rendition of ‘All by myself’ from the original soundtrack.   Guests then made their way through to the PIMA Bar, where they ‘wet the baby’s head’ with the help DJ to keep the party going in the Hilton’s PIMA Bar.



The event was, organised by Carolyn Hughes, CHPR, in association with Radio City’s Cash for Kids and supported by Barclays ,and Carolyn Hughes said “We feel that we have been with Bridgette throughout her life, so it seemed only right that we should all be here to support her at this stage of her life as well.  She might have grown up a little and become a parent, but her charm and vulnerability is still there, along with the humour.  It is a great way to watch the movie and raise much-needed funds for Radio City’s Cash for Kids”.









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Why use a franchise consultant when franchising your business?


Franchising is not something that can be learnt overnight and so when deciding to franchise your business, you will require the services of a Franchise Consultant.

The Franchise Consultant will use their experience to help you build a sustainable franchise model and will navigate you through each step of the franchising journey.

Developing a successful franchise business requires you to satisfy a number of key criteria such as :

  • Have you proven and piloted your concept already?
  • Do the figures add up?
  • Can the business be copied?
  • Does the business have longevity?

Franchising your business also requires you to transform and document your business into a series of organised systems and procedures that can be replicated by others, as well as the implementation of strong training and support system that will ensure your franchisees follow your system and maintain brand standard.

No business can afford to miss out any of the important steps of developing their franchise model so it’s right first time! It is therefore very important that you receive sound advice and guidance from an experienced franchise consultant from the outset, to firstly establish if franchising your business is the right decision for you, and if so, how best to structure and develop your franchise proposition in order to avoid any costly mistakes further down the line.

Franchising is a great way to grow and expand your business. However, the business does have to be right for franchising.

Mercury Franchise Consultants will evaluate if your business is suitable to franchise by looking at 3 key areas:

  • Is your business model proven? Has your business been trading and making a profit for at least 12 months?
  • is your business model transferable? Can your business be operated in other regions successfully?
  • Can the business be taught? Can you teach somebody else to operate the franchise business to your standards?

Want to know more? Contact Mercury Franchise Consultants




CONFIDENCE that will never leave YOU!

Big thank you to our guest blogger Jonita Dsouza


Jonita is an intuitive coach working for elevated female consciousness. She works with women to help them balance their masculine and feminine energies in order to live a purpose-driven life and also give back to the society.

There are plenty of articles and advice online talking about what to do to become confident. I am not here for that. I am here to tell you that this one bold act can make you feel confident in the way you live your life, make life’s decisions and even present yourself to the people around you. This is also one of the vital feminine principles that I assist women with in my business – Exploring Femininity .

Self doubt and self sabotage are the key reasons that can make you feel under confident. Think about it and be honest with yourself.. what do you feel is making you believe that you are not confident?

How can you change this belief pattern?

By taking the bold act of trusting yourself! Yes, you heard me right!! SELF-TRUST is the secret to achieving the level of confidence that will never leave you!

Compare the outcomes of those decisions and choices that you’ve made in your lives when you doubted yourself, listened to others’ opinion and ignored your gut feelings or let fear and your emotions confuse you. In the end you didn’t feel good anyways, isn’t it!

This is very important for women entrepreneurs like us! As we grow our business, there will always be several opportunities for us that will stretch us beyond our comfort zones. These are the moments when fear, self-doubt and under confidence can kick in and I want to rest assure you that it is pretty natural.

This is the reason that we should learn to intentionally practice building our SELF-TRUST muscle like any other business or life skill.

By not trusting ourselves we can foster unnecessary sufferings and wasted time.

When we begin to trust ourselves, we begin to feel more confident in making life’s decisions and even putting our self out there in the unknown. Things can still be tough, rough and challenging; however, at least we will not regret taking the risk. If you have taken the leap of faith in starting your own business then I am sure you know what I mean!

Although building this SELF-TRUST muscle is a constant practice, here are my 3 simple steps to begin with –

  1. ACCEPT that you feel under confident. Make a list of things that make you feel under confident.
  2. FORGIVE yourself! You always do the best that you can at any given moment even if it ends up in a mess. So forgive yourself for being harsh on yourself. I like to repeat the Hawaiian Ho’oponono Prayer.
  3. AFFIRM – always remind yourself of the self-trust that you are building in yourself. Keep your thoughts compassionate towards yourself. Afterall our thoughts creates our reality. I like using the below Feminine Womantra.

Let me leave you with my 2 personal secrets that allows me to feel confident in a given situation –

  1. I always tune in to my gut feelings every time I am in a confidence crossroads and not what my thoughts and beliefs are trying to persuade me with.
  2. I choose Love over Fear. Fear will always exist but when we invite Love in our hearts, the natural state of confidence automatically seeps in.

In closing I would like to say that you already have in you what you are longing for. You just have to start trusting yourself and you will reach this level of confidence that will never leave you.

You can find out more about me at





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Support The Breakout





The girls from UCLAN are taking part in BREAK OUT

The aim of BREAK OUT is simple, they have 30hrs to get as far away from Preston where they attend University, without spending their own money.

WHY? to raise money and awareness for the charity Barnardo’s.

Listen in to their BBC Radio Lancashire interview

meg and emma

Follow the girls on twitter at @Meganemmabreak


Get behind them, support the girls here

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Not how I normally do home-made soup

We often get asked to review products and we really enjoy doing them. However I never expected to be doing a review this way.

This was a great opportunity to test these products and  I wanted to prove with pictures the results. I apologise in advance if you are squeamish so be prepared.

While I was liquidizing home-made soup the pan slipped from my hand causing boiling soup to pour over my right arm and down my body. I was very lucky that I had a thick jumper and layers on which protected my body, but I wasn’t so lucky with my arm. I quickly ran my arm under the cold running tap and left it there for a good 10 minutes then commenced wiping up the mess.

By the time I had finished cleaning, my arm was very painful and I could feel the burning. I placed it again under cold running water, patted it dry and smothered it in Aloe Vera Gelly  you can see from this picture it’s already started to blister.


Within 30 minutes it was obvious I needed to get it checked out. So off to A & E I went returning with a well-padded bandage and told I needed the dressing changed daily.

This was an ideal opportunity to use the products from Forever Living. I have taken pictures each time and documented the change let’s see the results.

Day 1

Applied lashings amount of Aloe Vera Gelly before heading off to A & E returned with a heavily padded dressing and told it needs changing every day. You can see already how nasty the burn is looking.


Day 2

Dressing changed by the practice nurse . The burn is very painful.  Applied Aloe First to the wound to clean followed by Aloe Vera Gelly then redressed. I have also been drinking Aloe Vera Gel drink and increased the amount to 120mls twice a day.

Day 3

Dressing changed, The burn is really painful. Drank 220mls of Aloe Vera Gel, chewed 2 Bee Pollen tablets, applied Aloe First then Aloe Gelly before reapplying the dressings. The wound is weeping heavily today and I am feeling drained. The Bee pollen is really helping me keep up my energy and stopping me feeling so tired. The Aloe Gelly is helping to take the burning sensation away and defiantly helping with pain.

Day 4

Dressing changed , Drank 220mls of Aloe Gel, 2 Bee Pollen tablets chewed, applied Aloe Gelly then re bandaged. The blisters are very big and still weeping. The Aloe Gelly is helping to stop the dressing sticking to the wound and the itching.  The Bee Pollen is really helping with my energy levels. Not much pain today.

Day 5

Applied Aloe Gelly before redressing, Drank 220mls of Aloe Gel and chewed 2 Bee Pollen tablets. I can can see already the improvement in the wound. The blisters have decreased, the wound is very clean and still weeping slightly. Notice I have not taken any pain relief, the products I am using is sufficient.


Day 6

Dressing changed, look at the changes already, the wound is not weeping.  Aloe First applied before applying Aloe Gelly and clean dressings. Drank 220mils of Aloe Gel and chewed 2 Bee Pollen tablets.  

Day 7

Dressing changed I can really see a big improvement in the wound the blistering is clearing, the new skin is replacing the dead skin. Today if feels itchy so I have applied Aloe Gel and Propolis Cream to the wound. Still drinking the Aloe Gel drink.

Day 8 – Day 11

I am still carrying on with the dressing to keep the wound dry and clean but look at the improvement.


new skin is forming over the wound. I continue to apply Aloe Gel and Propolis Cream morning and evening which is helping moisturize the skin and take away the redness.

Day 12 – Day 28

I have been drinking the Aloe Gel drink, applying Aloe Gelly and Propolis Cream morning and night. The result is amazing.


I will carry on applying the Aloe Gelly, the Propolis Cream and drinking the Aloe Gel drink because I know that these products have really helped my recovery. This is a personal account of my recovery and each person may recover differently. However I can honestly say that I am so impressed with these products and can highly recommend them.

For more information regarding these products click on the links

Aloe First   Bee Pollen  Propolis Cream

Aloe Gelly  Aloe Gel Drink

All pictures have been taken on my mobile phone and the products used are from Forever Living and can be found by clicking the links above. I am still using the products because I can see the mark on my skin fading, I do not have any burn scar.

If you would like us to product test for you contact us




Lets get happy

Recently I was invited along to review The Happiness Club Workshop in Chester. I really didn’t know what to expect and was thinking it was just a morning of jokes and laughter.

The Venue was the Madhatters Tea Room and although a very nice place, I didn’t feel it was right for a workshop of this type.

The workshop is run by Jo Hawarth and you can see from the start why she is suited to such a role. I was drawn to her energy immediately, what a ray of sunshine she is. So full of energy and positive radiance that most certainly rubs off on everyone. I came away thinking I had known her for years.


The thought of being happy to me is not having any worries and enjoying life to the full, but actually Jo opened up my eyes to much more. Jo teaches you about your happiness ‘set point’, about taking responsibility, making assumptions and how to let all that negative stuff go.

If you are thinking about going along to this workshop then do and go with an open mind, be prepared to join in and participate in the activities. Jo really gets you thinking about your actions, your thoughts and your responsibilities not only to yourself but others.

The workshop is suited for personal or business goals and our group was a mix of men and women.

What Jo is doing is amazing, if she can teach more people to be happy this world would be a much better place. Jo will be on our panel at our Inspire Women Conference on June 18th so why not come along and meet her

Well done Jo I fully enjoyed it and will definitely return for other workshops. b-410124-people_happy_Check out Jo’s workshops here


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