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Seeds are the genesis of life. They grow into plants, herbs, and fruits to sustain billions. Seeds are the most concentrated form of nutrition produced in nature. Rain International is the first company to fully harness this power by creating seed-based nutrition
People are becoming more health conscious than ever before. We have products that have been tested, prepared and are ready to supplement your healthy lifestyle. Our products, which have been scientifically crafted for maximum benefit, contain the best selection of antioxidant-packed seeds. Soul and Core are ready to support your healthy lifestyle and enhance your health options

The secret of our products isn’t just the seeds, but how we unlock the potent and nutritional compounds found within each one.
We use a unique cold-press process to carefully extract and preserve each seed’s life-giving and healing nutrients.


The cold-press process separates essential oils found within the seed from its shell. These two compounds are then reintroduced into these products.


Why do we use seed-based ingredients in all of our products? Because it’s just more powerful that way. Each seed contains dense, life-creating catalysts that work to nourish the human body and help boost all its functions.

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So many greens in such a little packet. We do greens better, easier, and more potent.

Go ahead and grab a CORE.


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Gut health comes in lemon lime flavour


Most people are working for the weekend. But our weekends work for us.

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Lifting, playing sports, and cardio can take a toll on your body, unless you give it nutrients to recover and build. One scoop of FORM does just that.

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You know how clean you feel when you’re in nature? That’s how your stomach feels when you take our products

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BEND takes you back to a more youthful time, when movement was free and activity was easy. We call it youth in a packet.

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You could eat a salad, drink a green smoothie, and down a wheat-grass shot… Or, you could just have our products. That seems like an easy decision.







































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Charity Christmas Lunch is the ‘Hottest ticket in town’

As Christmas parties go the Carolyn Hughes PR charity Christmas Lunch in aid of Radio City’s Cash for Kids has become quite legendary in the festive calendar.

The glamorous lunch is set to take place at GUSTO, Albert Dock on Friday 1st December and is now in it’s 8th year.



The restaurant is set to be packed to the brim with some Liverpool’s most glamorous people including many of the city’s biggest business leaders and owners and celebrity supporters.

Previous celebrity guests have included:- Rebecca Ferguson, Danielle Lloyd, Alex Gerrard, Coleen Rooney, Jude Cisse, Philip Armstrong,Tony Burke, Lorraine McCulloch and Gillian


Kearney and this year’s guest list is set to be just as glamorous.

The event starts at noon and the element of fun is top of the agenda, with a full line-up of entertainment and a sprinkling of surprises along the way. Previous years have included ‘Singing



Policemen, a Mannequin Challenge, a Drag Artist, a George Michael tribute, photo mirrors, grotto’s and last year a Father Christmas and a very naughty ‘Elf on a Shelf’.

Guests will enjoy a drink on arrival, sumptuous 3 course Christmas lunch and an afternoon of fun and frolics.

All funds raised on the day will be to support Radio City’s Cash for Kids.


Carolyn Hughes, CHPR, said “The CHPR charity Christmas Lunch is always a great day and for many people it kicks off the start of Christmas. Whilst the focus is on having fun, we raise a substantial amount of money for Radio City’s Cash for Kids

Everyone comes along for a party and the atmosphere is unbelievable. I am really looking forward to this year’s event and I am sure the line-up will make sure the party goes with a bang. I am truly grateful to everyone who supports it year after year!”


Want us to cover your events contact us



















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Bridget Jones

150 local ladies, and a few brave men including X Factors Marcus Collins, took to the red carpet  at the Odeon Cinema Liverpool One for the eagerly awaited  Bridget Jones’s Baby on Friday  at a charity screening lunch in aid of Radio  City’s Cash for Kids.


The event, hosted by Radio City’s Claire Simmo saw Bridgette’s loyal fans tread the red carpet premiere screening at the Odeon Cinema in Liverpool One, where guests were treated to a drink on arrival and a  bag of popcorn before taking their seats to be the first in the region to see the movie.



After the movie guests made their way to the Hilton Hotel, Liverpool One,  where guests were welcomed with an arrival drink before enjoying a three course lunch with entertainment from Victoria Sharpe, who performed a rousing rendition of ‘All by myself’ from the original soundtrack.   Guests then made their way through to the PIMA Bar, where they ‘wet the baby’s head’ with the help DJ to keep the party going in the Hilton’s PIMA Bar.



The event was, organised by Carolyn Hughes, CHPR, in association with Radio City’s Cash for Kids and supported by Barclays ,and Carolyn Hughes said “We feel that we have been with Bridgette throughout her life, so it seemed only right that we should all be here to support her at this stage of her life as well.  She might have grown up a little and become a parent, but her charm and vulnerability is still there, along with the humour.  It is a great way to watch the movie and raise much-needed funds for Radio City’s Cash for Kids”.









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CONFIDENCE that will never leave YOU!

Big thank you to our guest blogger Jonita Dsouza


Jonita is an intuitive coach working for elevated female consciousness. She works with women to help them balance their masculine and feminine energies in order to live a purpose-driven life and also give back to the society.

There are plenty of articles and advice online talking about what to do to become confident. I am not here for that. I am here to tell you that this one bold act can make you feel confident in the way you live your life, make life’s decisions and even present yourself to the people around you. This is also one of the vital feminine principles that I assist women with in my business – Exploring Femininity .

Self doubt and self sabotage are the key reasons that can make you feel under confident. Think about it and be honest with yourself.. what do you feel is making you believe that you are not confident?

How can you change this belief pattern?

By taking the bold act of trusting yourself! Yes, you heard me right!! SELF-TRUST is the secret to achieving the level of confidence that will never leave you!

Compare the outcomes of those decisions and choices that you’ve made in your lives when you doubted yourself, listened to others’ opinion and ignored your gut feelings or let fear and your emotions confuse you. In the end you didn’t feel good anyways, isn’t it!

This is very important for women entrepreneurs like us! As we grow our business, there will always be several opportunities for us that will stretch us beyond our comfort zones. These are the moments when fear, self-doubt and under confidence can kick in and I want to rest assure you that it is pretty natural.

This is the reason that we should learn to intentionally practice building our SELF-TRUST muscle like any other business or life skill.

By not trusting ourselves we can foster unnecessary sufferings and wasted time.

When we begin to trust ourselves, we begin to feel more confident in making life’s decisions and even putting our self out there in the unknown. Things can still be tough, rough and challenging; however, at least we will not regret taking the risk. If you have taken the leap of faith in starting your own business then I am sure you know what I mean!

Although building this SELF-TRUST muscle is a constant practice, here are my 3 simple steps to begin with –

  1. ACCEPT that you feel under confident. Make a list of things that make you feel under confident.
  2. FORGIVE yourself! You always do the best that you can at any given moment even if it ends up in a mess. So forgive yourself for being harsh on yourself. I like to repeat the Hawaiian Ho’oponono Prayer.
  3. AFFIRM – always remind yourself of the self-trust that you are building in yourself. Keep your thoughts compassionate towards yourself. Afterall our thoughts creates our reality. I like using the below Feminine Womantra.

Let me leave you with my 2 personal secrets that allows me to feel confident in a given situation –

  1. I always tune in to my gut feelings every time I am in a confidence crossroads and not what my thoughts and beliefs are trying to persuade me with.
  2. I choose Love over Fear. Fear will always exist but when we invite Love in our hearts, the natural state of confidence automatically seeps in.

In closing I would like to say that you already have in you what you are longing for. You just have to start trusting yourself and you will reach this level of confidence that will never leave you.

You can find out more about me at





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A book for the kids


Looking for a great children’s book? why not check out What’s that noise? by Jackie Hallmark

This book describes the way five children dress up as woodland creatures and discover the hidden world around them.  It’s gentle and soothing, and it is easy for children to understand and engages them in the story-telling process.

Jackie also creates original illustrations, designed around you and your family.  They are the perfect gift for family and friends.

jackie 2

jackie 3

jackie 9

To commission a drawing or for more information regarding Jackie’s work

please contact Jackie at




The No 1 Website For Women


Cheshire’s Newest Wedding Venue

If you are looking for a wedding venue with a difference check out Curdlands Barns

Surrounded by beautiful views of the Cheshire countryside

Pop along to the Cheshire County Wedding Fayre On Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th October

 Curdlands Barns, Burwardsley, Cheshire CH3 9NU.

  Come along and see this new lovely wedding venue for the first time

 This will be a great opportunity to see this new venue in all its glory

Meet some of the best wedding suppliers in the area!

Meet exclusive wedding suppliers

Chat to the caterers

Enjoy bridal fashion shows

Refreshments on arrival

Tickets are only £5 per person Buy Tickets



Want to promote your business check out



Do you love a beach with 50 Shades and a pina colada ?

Why do we travel? These days more and more people are visiting ever further destinations and most people when asked what they would do if they didn’t have to work, say travel. But to what purpose? Solely pleasure, to say they’ve ‘been there’ in the hope of a bit of status, or to challenge themselves to find out who they are inside?

Modern women are looking for a new way to travel. With the Intention to travel not only for new vistas but to also delve deep within to discover inner views, we can make amazing discoveries. Who we want to be in the world. What our purpose might be. What that past love had to teach us. What am I being asked to learn in this unwanted situation? For those who believe that intention and the power of attraction obviously don’t work because they’re still broke and struggling – this is because the intent is directed wrongly. You cannot go into business, marriage or any other interaction or situation with the intention of attracting greedily. The wealth comes as a by-product of the genuine intention. This applies to love and health and all our other human desires as well.

Salt flats-Salta-Argentina-south America -223

I started North West Nomad as a location independent business in 2008, when I saw a gap in the market for providing quality personal tours in the NW corner of Argentina on the border with Bolivia and Chile. It was real wild west country and I was on my own but the business developed over years and expanded. I then had to go through a process of rebranding and changed the name to Spirit of South America to reflect the demographic of my client. I had to totally rebuild the website as the old one was on a flash platform. I did it myself because I wanted to learn everything about WordPress, SEO and social media marketing – it’s a constant learning trajectory still and fascinating process but women entrepreneurs need to know how to maintain their site themselves and be up-to-date with this constantly changing new arena.

I had travelled with many single women – executives and those successful in their fields who wanted security and companionship and they all agreed that a Heroine Journey would have been perfect for their needs.

Tracy johnson author

A Heroine Journey is not only about travel through some stimulating landscapes and cultures. The travellers are women like you – entrepreneurs, looking for location independence or freedom, or soul adventurers. Along the way we indulge in some special experiences – a private tango lesson and milonga night with guaranteed partners – It’s not often you get to dance all night with wonderful dancers whisking you around the pista, a visit to an Andes Shaman or a walk across the top of a million year old glacier creaking beneath you.

Aside from the thrills, there will be some deep inner work as your mind expands and distresses from being away – journaling and exercises to delve into your deep desires, coaching and brainstorming your next move, creating the action plan topped off with yoga or bodywork to stretch the muscles. You will connect with a group of like-minded gals who will form your support group long after the journey is done and you’ll return filled with self confidence, motivated with the tools to develop your dreams and ideas into action and filled with inner peace. Call it business school in the mountains.

Peru on Purpose print

The next Heroine Journey is PERU ON PURPOSE and travels through the highlights of that mystical Inca territory and includes a flight over the mystical Nazca Lines, a visit to the floating isles on Lake Titicaca, an overnight camp in Colca Canyon, deeper than the Grand Canyon and of course, a journey into the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. Dates are October 16 -27 and we suggest you fly into Lima a day or so before to see this wonderful city with one of the Top 5 cuisines in the world and join us for the welcome dinner on the night of the 15th.

See the tour on the website at or Email us at to find out more about Heroine Journeys. And as an offering to This Lady Loves members we are giving 100 pounds reduction in the investment for this life-altering journey.

Why do you travel? Do you love a beach with 50 Shades and a pina colada? What would you like to gain from a journey and where would you dearly like to visit in the world? I’d love to hear some thoughts and desires from This Lady Loves – See you in the comments. x


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