Its all in the seeds


Welcome to the first cold pressed seed by Rain international

Where seeds are naturally pressed, to increase benefits. This method grinds seeds and gently extracts it’s oils and flours to make it more digestible for human consumption. This process uses all parts of the seed and is healthier, producing zero toxins, which is good for everyone.

About the Product

SUPPRESS APPETITE – Supports Healthy BMI and Overall Leanness

INCREASED ENERGY – Relieves Minor Muscle Pain After Exercise

GREATER ENDURANCE – Promotes A Healthy Cardiovascular System

NEUTRALIZES FREE RADICALS – Improved Clarity and Focus 

REDUCED INFLAMMATION – Helps Support Healthy Joints



 We have all heard of the amazing antioxidant power in berries and herbs, but what no one has ever explained properly are the best parts of those berries, the seeds.

The Black Raspberry Seed, hailed for it’s immune system strengthening properties.

Black Cumin Seed, loaded with Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids.

While the incredible antioxidants found in both Black Cumin Seeds and Black Raspberry Seeds fight the harmful effects of free-radicals, the essential fatty acids found in the Omegas support the and help repair cell membranes. The seeds are the heroes in this remarkable product.



The products are rich in free-radical fighting antioxidants and loaded with essential fatty acids is no ordinary supplement. It is extraordinary. The proprietary blend of Black Raspberry, Black Cumin, Chardonnay Grape, and D-Ribose in SOUL help replace cell energy, have excellent anti-inflammatory properties, and help support a healthy immune system. The added bonus of the powerhouse antioxidant, Resveratrol, found in the Chardonnay Grape, may also enhance heart, muscle, brain, and kidney health. It has been hailed as one of the most important anti-aging supplements ever discovered.


Rain International Soul Pure Wellness Natural Organic Antioxidants and Essential Fatty Acids Supplement with Black Cumin Seed.

41a-kuns-llrain-soul-pure-antioxidantsProduct Description

Each box includes 30 pouches, each containing 2-ounces of Soul.

What do these ingredients contain? Potent antioxidants, Omega 3 and 6, all 8 natural forms of Vitamin E, and a natural form of Resveratrol.

The Power is in the Seeds:


The secret is in the seed’s chemistry. These seeds are chock-full of healthy and nutritive elements that help promote a strong and effective body. Elements like antioxidants, enzymes, Omega-3, and Omega-6! SOUL’s exclusive formula of organic ingredients contains the most natural, absorbable forms of many vital nutrients.

Inflammation, free-radical damage, and an overall lack of essential fatty acids in our diets are three of the greatest threats to our health today. In one simple 2 oz. shot we give you SOUL – a small, but very powerful supplement helping improve your overall health and longevity from the inside out.


Also available fused coffee.


This is the first time a black coffee can brag. It can brag about its substance, how healthy it is, its gourmet quality, and how great it tastes. This may be the first time you will actually enjoy a cup of black coffee, because this isn’t your grandpa’s boring black coffee. No, this is the black coffee that all the health-conscious, cool kids will be drinking; you’ll be one of those kids too. For the first time ever, you can take your black coffee infused with seed oils.



This amazing black coffee was handpicked from artisanal farms that specialize in growing world-class coffee beans. The coffee beans are given a decadent bath in our seed blend, made up of black cumin seed, pomegranate seed, grape seed, and grapefruit seed. These four seeds combine to elevate your black coffee, infusing it with health and wellness. So, close your eyes, take a sip, and enjoy the world’s healthiest cup of black coffee.



I am blown away by Rain products and can highly recommend trying both the drink and the coffee for a healthier refreshing drink.




































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Forever’s FIT or F.I.T programme is the revolutionary weight management and fitness programme. Yes, you’ll lose weight, but more importantly, exchange fat for muscle, look great and feel great. You’ll have loads more energy too. Forever FIT comes in three parts – a 9 Day Cleanse – to kickstart better eating and a better regime, followed by; – FIT 1 – Good Habits for Life – change the way you think about food and fitness for good – FIT 2 – Maximum Impact – building lean muscle

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The new Fit 15 is out and designed to fit into your level of fitness in order to take you to the next level after completing the C9

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Take the next step to looking and feeling better; it doesn’t matter if you are just getting started, or if you’re already an expert, F15 has beginner, intermediate or advanced nutrition and exercise programmes to help you on your fitness and weight management journey. Each fifteen-day programme has been specially designed to provide you with the knowledge that you need to get inspired, help you make permanent changes toward a healthier lifestyle, and continue in your transformation.

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N.B. For comprehensive instructions use the step-by-step F15 booklet


What do you get in the Fit 15 box

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It’s the same in each box (beginner, intermediate or advanced) except that you receive a different manual / booklet. But even then, you still should seek advice on how best to implement the fit programme for your needs.

Still, here’s what you will find in each box

2 x 1 litre bottles Forever Aloe Vera Gel

1 x Forever Lite Ultra with Aminotein (Chocolate)

1 x Forever Therm (30 tablets)

1 x Forever Garcinia Plus (90 softgels)

1 x Forever Fiber (15 packets)

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If you wish to purchase this product you need to buy from a reliable distributor who offers Fit support as part of the sale package.

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Want us to promote you contact us


Creating a vision through Anuka


Francesca owns ANUKA Jewellery and creates unique pieces of jewellery from her workshop in Cheshire.


ANUKA was founded in early 2014 after graduating from the School of Jewellery Birmingham, where she completed a degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing.


Francesca loves being able to come out of the workshop at the end of a day knowing that she has made a piece of jewellery that someone, one day will take great pleasure in wearing. Simplicity is key to her designs, allowing for strong, bold forms, and smooth finishes. Producing an elegant and striking range of handcrafted jewellery, perfect for every occasion.


Francesca offers designs that will be admired whenever you go, jewellery that you can love and treasure for years. Her collections are available to purchase from her website, and within retailers across the UK.


For media or buyer enquires please contact :


Want us to feature your business contact info@thisladyloves .com
















































Bridget Jones

150 local ladies, and a few brave men including X Factors Marcus Collins, took to the red carpet  at the Odeon Cinema Liverpool One for the eagerly awaited  Bridget Jones’s Baby on Friday  at a charity screening lunch in aid of Radio  City’s Cash for Kids.


The event, hosted by Radio City’s Claire Simmo saw Bridgette’s loyal fans tread the red carpet premiere screening at the Odeon Cinema in Liverpool One, where guests were treated to a drink on arrival and a  bag of popcorn before taking their seats to be the first in the region to see the movie.



After the movie guests made their way to the Hilton Hotel, Liverpool One,  where guests were welcomed with an arrival drink before enjoying a three course lunch with entertainment from Victoria Sharpe, who performed a rousing rendition of ‘All by myself’ from the original soundtrack.   Guests then made their way through to the PIMA Bar, where they ‘wet the baby’s head’ with the help DJ to keep the party going in the Hilton’s PIMA Bar.



The event was, organised by Carolyn Hughes, CHPR, in association with Radio City’s Cash for Kids and supported by Barclays ,and Carolyn Hughes said “We feel that we have been with Bridgette throughout her life, so it seemed only right that we should all be here to support her at this stage of her life as well.  She might have grown up a little and become a parent, but her charm and vulnerability is still there, along with the humour.  It is a great way to watch the movie and raise much-needed funds for Radio City’s Cash for Kids”.









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Why use a franchise consultant when franchising your business?


Franchising is not something that can be learnt overnight and so when deciding to franchise your business, you will require the services of a Franchise Consultant.

The Franchise Consultant will use their experience to help you build a sustainable franchise model and will navigate you through each step of the franchising journey.

Developing a successful franchise business requires you to satisfy a number of key criteria such as :

  • Have you proven and piloted your concept already?
  • Do the figures add up?
  • Can the business be copied?
  • Does the business have longevity?

Franchising your business also requires you to transform and document your business into a series of organised systems and procedures that can be replicated by others, as well as the implementation of strong training and support system that will ensure your franchisees follow your system and maintain brand standard.

No business can afford to miss out any of the important steps of developing their franchise model so it’s right first time! It is therefore very important that you receive sound advice and guidance from an experienced franchise consultant from the outset, to firstly establish if franchising your business is the right decision for you, and if so, how best to structure and develop your franchise proposition in order to avoid any costly mistakes further down the line.

Franchising is a great way to grow and expand your business. However, the business does have to be right for franchising.

Mercury Franchise Consultants will evaluate if your business is suitable to franchise by looking at 3 key areas:

  • Is your business model proven? Has your business been trading and making a profit for at least 12 months?
  • is your business model transferable? Can your business be operated in other regions successfully?
  • Can the business be taught? Can you teach somebody else to operate the franchise business to your standards?

Want to know more? Contact Mercury Franchise Consultants




CONFIDENCE that will never leave YOU!

Big thank you to our guest blogger Jonita Dsouza


Jonita is an intuitive coach working for elevated female consciousness. She works with women to help them balance their masculine and feminine energies in order to live a purpose-driven life and also give back to the society.

There are plenty of articles and advice online talking about what to do to become confident. I am not here for that. I am here to tell you that this one bold act can make you feel confident in the way you live your life, make life’s decisions and even present yourself to the people around you. This is also one of the vital feminine principles that I assist women with in my business – Exploring Femininity .

Self doubt and self sabotage are the key reasons that can make you feel under confident. Think about it and be honest with yourself.. what do you feel is making you believe that you are not confident?

How can you change this belief pattern?

By taking the bold act of trusting yourself! Yes, you heard me right!! SELF-TRUST is the secret to achieving the level of confidence that will never leave you!

Compare the outcomes of those decisions and choices that you’ve made in your lives when you doubted yourself, listened to others’ opinion and ignored your gut feelings or let fear and your emotions confuse you. In the end you didn’t feel good anyways, isn’t it!

This is very important for women entrepreneurs like us! As we grow our business, there will always be several opportunities for us that will stretch us beyond our comfort zones. These are the moments when fear, self-doubt and under confidence can kick in and I want to rest assure you that it is pretty natural.

This is the reason that we should learn to intentionally practice building our SELF-TRUST muscle like any other business or life skill.

By not trusting ourselves we can foster unnecessary sufferings and wasted time.

When we begin to trust ourselves, we begin to feel more confident in making life’s decisions and even putting our self out there in the unknown. Things can still be tough, rough and challenging; however, at least we will not regret taking the risk. If you have taken the leap of faith in starting your own business then I am sure you know what I mean!

Although building this SELF-TRUST muscle is a constant practice, here are my 3 simple steps to begin with –

  1. ACCEPT that you feel under confident. Make a list of things that make you feel under confident.
  2. FORGIVE yourself! You always do the best that you can at any given moment even if it ends up in a mess. So forgive yourself for being harsh on yourself. I like to repeat the Hawaiian Ho’oponono Prayer.
  3. AFFIRM – always remind yourself of the self-trust that you are building in yourself. Keep your thoughts compassionate towards yourself. Afterall our thoughts creates our reality. I like using the below Feminine Womantra.

Let me leave you with my 2 personal secrets that allows me to feel confident in a given situation –

  1. I always tune in to my gut feelings every time I am in a confidence crossroads and not what my thoughts and beliefs are trying to persuade me with.
  2. I choose Love over Fear. Fear will always exist but when we invite Love in our hearts, the natural state of confidence automatically seeps in.

In closing I would like to say that you already have in you what you are longing for. You just have to start trusting yourself and you will reach this level of confidence that will never leave you.

You can find out more about me at





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Support The Breakout





The girls from UCLAN are taking part in BREAK OUT

The aim of BREAK OUT is simple, they have 30hrs to get as far away from Preston where they attend University, without spending their own money.

WHY? to raise money and awareness for the charity Barnardo’s.

Listen in to their BBC Radio Lancashire interview

meg and emma

Follow the girls on twitter at @Meganemmabreak


Get behind them, support the girls here

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