Why Seeds

20 Sep



Seeds are the genesis of life. They grow into plants, herbs, and fruits to sustain billions. Seeds are the most concentrated form of nutrition produced in nature. Rain International is the first company to fully harness this power by creating seed-based nutrition
People are becoming more health conscious than ever before. We have products that have been tested, prepared and are ready to supplement your healthy lifestyle. Our products, which have been scientifically crafted for maximum benefit, contain the best selection of antioxidant-packed seeds. Soul and Core are ready to support your healthy lifestyle and enhance your health options

The secret of our products isn’t just the seeds, but how we unlock the potent and nutritional compounds found within each one.
We use a unique cold-press process to carefully extract and preserve each seed’s life-giving and healing nutrients.


The cold-press process separates essential oils found within the seed from its shell. These two compounds are then reintroduced into these products.


Why do we use seed-based ingredients in all of our products? Because it’s just more powerful that way. Each seed contains dense, life-creating catalysts that work to nourish the human body and help boost all its functions.

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So many greens in such a little packet. We do greens better, easier, and more potent.

Go ahead and grab a CORE.


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Gut health comes in lemon lime flavour


Most people are working for the weekend. But our weekends work for us.

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Lifting, playing sports, and cardio can take a toll on your body, unless you give it nutrients to recover and build. One scoop of FORM does just that.

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You know how clean you feel when you’re in nature? That’s how your stomach feels when you take our products

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BEND takes you back to a more youthful time, when movement was free and activity was easy. We call it youth in a packet.

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You could eat a salad, drink a green smoothie, and down a wheat-grass shot… Or, you could just have our products. That seems like an easy decision.







































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